Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Life As A Blogger

[posted by dinah]

This is the thing, while blogging is no longer ruining my life, and Shrink Rap is simply a blog, it continues to bring me satisfaction. I like having somewhere to come when something stirs me up. I like having an outlet to write -- I've said this before, but hey, repetition is part of the deal in psychotherapy, and while writing blog posts isn't "psychotherapy" it is therapeutic. One should take satisfaction and joy where one can find it, even if that means eating chocolate with friends while you talk about things you know nothing about, into some strange looking microphone that looks like something out of a sci fi movie and then you take pictures of your feet.

This is the other thing, I don't try to find topics to write about, I wait until I get hit by a wave of inspiration. The funny thing is, I seem to get hit by these inspiring waves at moments when I'm not near a computer. I'll get an idea. Then I'll get another idea. Then I'll get a third idea. Then when I'm near a computer, and either I can't get into the Dashboard (help, it's demanding I update to NEW blogger--Roy says not yet, and then he vanished under the floorboards) or my ideas have vanished.

So, I'm pleased I could get into the dashboard today. I'm sure what I wanted to say. I keep meaning to write about the importance of the relationship in psychotherapy, though I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that I want to say. That, you may have noticed, has never stopped me before. We're waiting on Roy for a 3 Blogger post on why we love psychiatry. I even linked it to a cute little poem. Roy hasn't finished yet, and I imagine he'll let me know when he has.

I've thought of asking if anyone one out there, say all those editors at Doubleday, wants to publish my latest novel? I'm a bit lost, though it's been mailed off to New York. I've been at it too long to let myself feel hopeful.

If you don't hear from us for a while, it's because I can't get in to post. I'm not sure how it happened today, yesterday I couldn't get access at all. Oh, and it didn't help that ClinkShrink had comcast problems.

Really just rambling. Thank you for listening.


DrivingMissMolly said...

It's funny how I don't know you and you don't know me, but your personality comes shining through. You have a charm, a vitality and sometimes a naivete (eg about technology), that captures this reader. I love your enthusiasm and your optimism and I'm glad that you and your crew let us take a peep into the curiosity that is the shrink mind.


Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem with technology-inspiration geographical dissonance. So I have taken to carrying an ideas notebook. It contains all manner of ideas. I never knew how many ideas I had until I started carrying an ideas notebook.

I don't just use it for blog fodder - it has notes on random ideas, thoughts I would like to ponder more at a later time, things I need to get at the shops, to do lists...

The other hurdle was that I would forget to take my ideas notebook with me. I solved this by having quite a few of them. In the car, in my uni bag, in my other bag... lying around my room... pockets of various garments.

I recommend an ideas notebook for those with a tendency to fleeting thoughts.

Dinah said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, Lily. "Naivete" is so much nicer a term than Clink and Roy use with me.

Yay: I use the memo function on my Palm for this. Only, I forget to write the stuff down. Thanks for the jog, I jotted a few notes today.