Monday, May 16, 2016

Tweets from APA

APA is in Atlanta this year and I'm not there.  ClinkShrink and Roy are, however, and they are tweeting. With their permission, here's a sampling of what's Twitter-worthy.  I was told not to discuss the zombie game.

May 15
Atul Gawande: "Assisted dying is about our failure to give assisted living."
May 15
Atul Gawande: "Your wellbeing is bigger than your health." opening ceremony 

Today Assembly voted to adopt a position against euthanasia of people with mental illness.

I will vote for any presidential candidate who mandates and enforces the Oxford comma.  

Awesome demo of in-home by Jay Shore & “Rachel” (patient actor). Makes it real

Shore: considerations for in-home .
Roywrote and  retweeted:Great book to pick up at . Thank you, Patrick!

I’ll be signing copies of A Common Struggle in the Exhibit Hall at 1 PM—stop by and say hello.
APA President-elect Dr Maria Oquendo discusses the year ahead & some key priorities

Bennett: “In rural Illinois, the price of gas dictates whether patients show up.” The value of .  

In sum, ClinkShrink is thinking about physician assisted suicide (thumbs down for patients with psychiatric disorders) and Roy is thinking about telepsychiatry.
The Zombies are on their own. 


Nicole said...

I definitely need to know the candidates' positions on the Oxford comma before I can make a choice on who has my vote.

I'd like to know more about psychiatry's opinions on assisted suicide. It's an interesting topic.

Also, hello! I'm new here. I've really enjoyed reading this blog so far. I've made it back as far as late 2013 right now, so I still have quite a ways to go. I wish I'd heard of this blog sooner. I've had a lot of moments I had to stop myself commenting on two year old posts! It's definitely been interesting reading the posts and comments though, especially as someone who straddles the fence of consumer of mental health services/provider (worked on an ACT team, adolescent inpatient unit, now the dreaded and much better paying insurance company). Anyways, I look forward to reading the old and new posts and the new book too!

Dinah said...

Nicole -- Welcome to Shrink Rap. We're happy to have you!

tracy said...

Wow! Anyone who gets to hear Dr. Gawande speak is certianly lucky! I have only seen him on video, however, I love all of His books, especially "Better" and another one, oh, I forgot the name, darn it! Be back soon! (Feel so dumb)

tracy said...

"Being Mortal".....beautifully written and even included, as always, thoughts from his personal life. He is amazing! I would highly recommend his books!