Thursday, October 01, 2015

Renews your faith in our American medical system

My thanks to Dr. Laurie Cohen for posting multiple pages of bird-related codes on her facebook page.  And yes, Jesse, I'm trying to find codes for chinchilla-inflicted injuries.


John French said...

Perhaps one could use the Struck by a Turkey code to bill for time devoted to getting reimbursement from 2rd party payers.

Joel Hassman,MD said...

Yeah, real hilarious, until you don't bill the correct code for some absolutely ridiculously specific diagnosis and don't get paid.

Ironic that most psych codes start with "F", 'cause they want to "F" us over.

It is nothing short of incredible and sickening how health care is being destroyed, from within as much as outside the system. Keep waiting to see those 26% increases in BCBS policies for 2016, those of you here in Maryland. More laughs, eh??!!

How many of you really will admit you supported the passage of Obamacare back in 2010?


clairesmum said...

what about encounters with ducks?
differential for 'security ducks' vs. 'stranger ducks'?