Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm sorry, now which box did you want me to write my NPI number in?

I'm soliciting wisdom from our readers on how to fill out a HCFA claim form.  I'll start by telling you that my NPI number on the submitted form was in block 33A.  My legacy number was not on the form.  This is the third such notice I've gotten, and clearly, I'm doing something wrong.  Perhaps you can help?

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bluejonah said...

First of all, why are they emphasizing "in"? Were you writing it on the sides or outside of the box? lol. And the sentence should be "...use your NPI only in block..." because "blocks" implies that it should go into multiple blocks. lol Moving on.

So...*sigh*. Ok, first it says the NPI only goes in box 33, but if it's required for processing then an npi is only necessary in 17b or 24j. So, im assuming 33a is the appropriate box and not 17 or 24. But, since it's not being processed... then wouldn't that mean it goes into 17 or 24? But, if it doesn't go there then why would they be asking for it there? YAY CIRCLES!

Anyway, I looked up the instructions and (assuming you're a sole proprietor) 33 is the appropriate box! So it sounds like you need to make a phone call because someone's not doing their job. But im not a healthcare provider so I am only guessing. But, hey, at least I can empathize with your frustrations with bureaucracy lol.