Thursday, October 09, 2014

What Gives Your LIfe Meaning?

Perhaps this is more of a question for a philosopher, and not one for a psychiatrist.  But people talk about the same thing in psychotherapy:  everyone focuses on the things that give their lives meaning, whether they talk about it head on -- for example, by talking about occupational strivings or relationships gone awry -- or less directly, perhaps by discussing things other people do that they don't approve of, or a book or movie that resonated for them.  It's clear to me that people find meaning in a variety of things.  

Me?  I like being busy, feeling useful and having a purpose-driven goal.  Being a blogger has been meaningful to me.  At the same time, I feel best if I can sleep late, linger over coffee, talk with friends, win at Words With Friends, eat good food, and start my day slowly -- all things that go at cross-purposes with being busy and purpose-driven.  The simple answer is that family, work, and friends give my life meaning, but the more complex answer is ....well, that it's more complex.

Okay, so I thought I would ask: What gives your life meaning?  Do tell....


Anonymous said...

Knowing I have helped someone and that I can give back (given I am enriched with so much good in my life). My husband and daughter. My garden. The sun. Today a patient reported he had a girlfriend. Given where he started, this is a miracle and it made me so happy. I doubt I had that much to do with it but I am so happy he was able to share this with me. I

Aging gracefully (still working on this). Being alive when I should have died several times over (from medical illness).

Elbee said...

Making people laugh or feel good.

Unknown said...

Wonderfully, gloriously, painful and difficult growth :)

HIGurl said...

Hmm, what gives my life meaning? Talk about the complexity. I'd say everything gives my life meaning. What I saw, what I didn't see. What I felt, what I didn't feel. What I did, what I didn't do. The past, present, and future gives my life meaning. You see the complexity?!? Lol.

Hymph. Life. It's always changing, and it's journey is unknown. As with most people, I've hit tons of bumps (more like giant potholes) along the way…so much so, that I've come to appreciate just being here in the now.

Waking up. Sunrises. Making people laugh. Walking. Helping my community. Loving myself and the world. Eating good food. Not seeing people suffer. Trying new things. Keeping healthy. Making a difference somewhere along the line. Sunsets. Peaceful and rejuvenating sleep.

At this very moment, this is what gives my life meaning - well at least what my consciousness is pointing to! :)

Unknown said...

I must say that being able to share beauty and love with others is probably the driving force in my life. Connected to that is helping others. Relationships in general are very important to me.

I need creative and professional meaning as well, but those things seem to happen when they coincide with my needs to love, be loved, share, and help.