Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just a Phase?

Today's Shrink Rap post is located over on Clinical Psychiatry News.  "Distinguishing the killers among us" is a story I've written about before here on Shrink Rap, about a situation I dealt with in high school. 

 The timing seemed right to tell the story again. 


Anonymous said...

ON the same vein by Richard Friedman.

In short, please stop maligning a whole class of citizens. The same goes for "young males rejected by the young women they are attracted to".

Last week's killer was a vicious murderer. Many people want to rationalize what happened rather than accept the reality that there were, there are and there will be evil people among us and there is nothing anybody can do to prevent evil people from doing evil things in a free and open society.

And if you think that totalitarian regimes are better, you are wrong. China might not have the kind of mass murders we have in the US, but they have state sponsored murders. They Chinese government also jails political dissidents. Both things are just as -if not more- vicious.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Grohol on Psych Central wrote a post that I'm most grateful for in light of recent of events.