Thursday, November 07, 2013

Root Canal Roy!

It's our own Shrink Rap "Roy" on Fox Business News talking about how insurance companies use the deceptive practice of listing docs who aren't in their networks, who've died or moved on, or who aren't taking new patients, to inflate their reported network sizes.  If you watch Roy's interview, you'll find he has a hidden talent, but stay away from my teeth, Roy. 


Sarebear said...

Roy did awesome, I don't think the interviewer let Roy make the point well enough that the problem is older than Obamacare, that the bad data is from the insurance companies, that the problem is older and has deeper roots than just errors coming to light now but he saw that she didn't have time for all that and he went with moving on with the interview.

So, good job going with it and doing what you could with the time she gave you to answer as you could, Roy, wish she'd have let you actually answer the questions instead have given short shrift to some of what you said but I think she was doing her best to hit the points she had, it isn't like she had alot of time to cover the ground she felt she needed to cover for what she felt the viewers wanted to know either.

I was still frustrated with her a bit though. I thought you handled it very well.

(Clink I read your three posts and feel more informed now, just having a hard time feeling like I can put together an intelligible response lately.)

And Hi Dinah!

Anyone else frustraterd with the captcha's lately? the blurry vision t he Latuda is giving me is not really being helpful with that either, but the captcha's really suck lately even without that.

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Joel Hassman, MD said...

Alright, I watched the video, and note up front I felt Dr Daviss handled himself well on a show that was a bit challenging for his position regarding Obamacare, being on Fox News.

Why I say the position comment? "I am glad it (PPACA site) was working", even though he was listed incorrectly. Gee, glad you are glad the screw ups at least show the system allows others to be screwed, lovely logic there!

Yeah, political management of health care is ok as a whole, just have to get rid of those annoying small details you mention in the thread prior to this. I think you seemed to miss the point of the segment, minimizing listing providers that NOW the federal government is in charge is in fact to me irrelevant for your point this has been going on for years by private insurers. Two wrongs do not make a right, Dr Daviss, that was my take home message at least.

As you said later, "50% accurate with (your) location, 0% with a participant". Why would you want to participate in a system with at best a 50% failure rate?

Oh yeah, it is a Democrat system, my mistake in forgetting that little detail. Trying to pin this still on insurers alone is a bit disingenuous to me, Dr D, and I would hope readers would entertain that perspective.

Careful who you ally yourself with here, people will remember. If at the end of the day you are right, "vindication" is a wonderful word to use here, but, if you are wrong, then "vilify" is a terrible place.

Just my opinion, but, I do honestly salute you for trying to clarify some things. I wouldn't do it, simply because you don't know what is edited on shows like that.

Haven't earned that Rasputin yet with this post!