Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Very First TweetChat!

I will be one of the two experts, tweeting from @HopkinsMedicine. 

@SharecareNow is hosting an expert-led Twitter chat to help you stress-less this holiday. Join the community discussion, bring your questions and concerns and connect with experts who can help you clear the noise and stay calm and cool this holiday season.

 Join the chat Friday, 12/14, 1-2 PM Eastern Time (US) on Twitter. 

 Follow hashtag #Calm&Cool.

Oh, and if you'd like to tell me how you deal with your holiday stress, I'd love to have you comment!


Sarebear said...

I haven't used Twitter in forever, and even when I did I"m no expert. Is there a thing like tweetdeck or some other thing that'll make the conversation easy to follow or is it easy already?

I've never messed around with hashtags, guess I better go figure out how to follow one. Do I make it a list/filter so I can't see random tweets from others at the time?

Unknown said...

Hi Sarebear,
To follow the Twitter chat, type in #Calm&Cool at the top of the search bar. Once you are there, click on 'All' at the top beside Tweets. This will allow you to follow the chat.

#Calm is a pretty generic hashtag, so there may be some results that are not relevant to the chat. Please ignore those.

You can also submit a question directly to @HopkinsMedicine and we'll answer it.

Thanks for your participation!