Friday, April 13, 2012

Poll Results and the Limelight...

Over on Clinical Psychiatry News, Roy is writing about using the color Lime for mental illness check it out.  Apparently it works for Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, and Muscular Dystrophy, too, but here in psych we like to be inclusive and co-morbidity is always an issue.

If you took my poll on patient searches or helped with comments I can use for quotes, thank you so much.  The survey results are here, please remember these are not science, not even a little, and I left it to the reader to define "strip search" so it's really just a snapshot:

Were you Strip Searched upon admission?
If you answered YES: Were you a voluntary patient at the time of admission?
If you answered YES: What type of hospital were you in?
Private Psychiatric Hospital
A Psychiatric Unit of a Community Hospital
A State Psychiatric Hospital
A State Hospital specificially for Forensic/ court-ordered patients
If you answered Yes, did you find the experience of being strip searched to be very distressing?

I hope no one is offended that I discussed two things in one post. I know people were offended in the past, but late on a Friday, you only get two posts when my salary for this goes up.  If I'm not back, have a great weekend. 


Sunny CA said...

A quick online search showed 26 different colored ribbons associated with different types of cancer. Do you personally know any of them except pink for breast cancer? I doubt the lime ribbons for mental illness awareness campaign will go anywhere. The market is flooded with ribbons already.

I think it is good news that 42% of patients were not strip-searched on admission. That is a higher number than I expected.

Dinah said...

Sunny CA: 58% were NOT strip searched (per their definition), it was running at 60% until yesterday.

A lime ribbon would make Roy happy.

Sunny CA said...

I see that now! And I teach students how to read graphs as part of my job as a science teacher!

Sarebear said...

I like the ribbon idea.

Sunny CA said...

It will take a major advertising campaign for lime green to take hold as "the color". A green ribbon pin is available at psychology pride that says "mental health matters" for anyone who wants to lead the way. In the meantime there have been mixed color usages:

Purple is Eating disorder awareness

Blue is Eating disorder awareness

Yellow is suicide prevention awareness

Silver is mental illness awareness

Gray is mental health awareness

Green is national children's mental health awareness

Green is depression awareness

Silver is depression awareness

Duo color green and blue is mental health awareness

Black and white is bipolar awareness

Lime green is mental health awareness

K said...

for the record, not offended by two topics in one post, mildly disgusted by the way you ended your post. you really do not ever think about the way you sound to others, do you? yep, you're here voluntarily...but so are we.