Monday, April 30, 2012

Come Meet The Shrink Rappers in Philadelphia

We will all be at APA in Philadelphia next weekend and we'd love to meet you.  Click HERE for a complete list of our presentations.

First, the age-old Philadelphia question: Jim's or Pat's for the best cheesesteak?

Where we will be:

Sunday, 8 AM- 12 Noon (no, we didn't choose this time), we are giving a seminar on Blogging, Podcasting, and Writing Books for the Public.  We actually know something about these topics.  I believe the seminars are listed with the courses on the main schedule, and ours will be held at the Marriott.

Sunday, 12:15-1 Find us in the Exhibition Hall at the Johns Hopkins University Press booth, we'll be signing copies of Shrink Rap.

Tuesday,  1:30-3 We will be doing a workshop on Psychiatrists and New Media: Gaining Control of our Specialty's Image.  Steve from the Thought Broadcast blog and Dr. Bob Hsuing ("Dr. Bob") will be with us for a panel discussion.

I will be putting up a spot on the blog for participants to give us some feedback on the sessions. 

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