Saturday, July 17, 2010

Be Our Friend!

I'm trying to figure out the details of an organizational Facebook Page. Somehow, I made two from the same account, and so you can be our Friend on Facebook, or you can be our Fan on Facebook. There's a duck. There's some sideline stuff. There's our feet. I'm hoping I can get Roy to feed his tweets to the Facebook page so that our posts will show up there. I haven't got the kinks out, but please do Friend us and Fan us, especially in this heat! If you look for us on Facebook, we're Shrink Rap, the ones with the feets.

Thanks for being our friend!
And here's the link: Shrink Rap on Facebook


The Girl said...

I like your duck. :)

Mindful said...

Interesting conundrum with your FB page - the shrinks can remain anonymous but your blog followers can't. Hmm ... what to do ... is it time to come out?

Dinah said...

I'm still trying to figure this out. I limit my real-life friends to people I know in real-life and feel a little quesy about opening up family photos and my friend-to-friend silliness to strangers in an uncontrolled way.
It seems that if you "friend" the shrink Rap profile, you get to see our Shrink Rap wall and we (or I) get to access your wall. If you "fan" us, then we don't get to access your wall---so that maybe a better option.
Do be careful what you write on public walls, even with private settings, they can be seen and accessed by Google. And do be aware that if you have privacy settings but write on the wall of a friend who has a public wall, your statement there is wide open to the general public.

Mostly just a fun way to try to promote the blog/podcast and eventually the Shrink Rap book.

Bear with me, I'm still on that learning curve!

Dinah said...

Clink made the duck. Wish I could figure out how to make it dance on Facebook....thank you!

moviedoc said...

FWIW, Dinah, you can look at BehaveNet's:

I don't think organization Facebook pages can friend or be friended. We can just have fans and list favorites. Try to do much else and it forces you to create a profile.

Sarebear said...

If I was on Facebook, I would, but I'm not. I must be one of the few holdouts, heh.