Monday, May 03, 2010

Health Care Reform and Mental Health--stolen from Kevin MD

Who could follow the Obama Health Care reform debates? Thousands of pages and emotions flying high, and it all became a partisan fiasco, where the patients got lost in the reams.

So Kevin MD --- links to How Heath Care Reform Will Affect Mental Health-- a post by blogger Diane Lee at Somebody Heal Me. It's a hopeful and optimistic post about how reform will increase the number of insured, increase access to treatment and medications, shrink donut holes, prevent insurance companies from refusing to insure those with mental illness, and do overall good things for the country. I like optimism.

Are you feeling hopeful?

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Sarebear said...

Not really. It's already hard enough to find any psychiatrist, let alone a decent one (already starting to consider possibly searching for a new one, will see how my second, "normal" appt goes this week, she didn't seem to have any empathy for the fact that I'd be undergoing major surgery between last appt and this one, and MAN has this time been MUCH worse than the first time around . . . ) . . . more insured means it'll be even more impossible to find a psychiatrist, let alone a decent one.

Can someone hit fast forward on my recovery? It's about twice as painful as last time, UGH.