Monday, April 19, 2010

She likes it! She likes it!

Do you remember the cereal commercial where everyone shoves a bowl of cereal at the dumb little brother to watch for his reaction? Mikey won't like it, he hates everything! But surprise, Mikey does like it!

We sent the final chapters of the draft of our book to our editor. So far, the process entails a bounce back, and sullen words like "this isn't working"...and then a lot of obsessing, a re-write, and finally we get to, "this is much better." It's become a bit of a joke--we build in time for her to hate it.

This Sunday, I stayed in my pajamas. I sat in front of a computer all day long. I didn't go out. I was ironing out the kinks in the last two chapters. Roy...well, I knew he was trying to write because he was commenting on old blog posts and he opened a new Facebook account. Why? I was ready to scream. I told Editor and ClinkShrink which day to reserve for Roy's funeral and to get their suits out. Roy didn't get it, he informed me he would be out of town that day and could go to a funeral on Sunday. Maybe he did get it.

Put the suits away. 12:30 AM and Roy's chapter was sent to our editor. Mine were sent a few hours earlier. Much quicker turnaround than usual: She likes them! I feel like those little kids when Mikey likes the healthy cereal.

I'm taking a moment now to just be happy.


HappyOrganist said...

So are you using the "behind the couch" title?
If you are, I'm totally buying a copy of the book, even though I don't know you or anything about you or the book, I've never listened to your podcasts.. =D

I'm happy for you, though. Good luck.

Dinah said...

HappyOrganist: Every day brings us a little bit farther from agreeing on a title. Last thought was : 600 Ways to Serve Raw Fish in 10 minutes or Less and Still Be Happy

(I'm kidding)...

HappyOrganist said...

well that IS a catchy title...

Sunny CA said...

Congratulations!!! I wish your book great success.

The Girl said...

Yay! Well done!

I can't wait to read your book.

I have been reading your blog since the start of medical school, I graduate this year and it would be fantastic if I get to read it before I start psychiatry training (2012 at the earliest, so no rush ;) ).

Life flows in interesting ways.

Mindful said...

Mazel tov. Savour that delicious feeling.

Mindful said...

PS Are the cats glowing in the dark 'coz they're happy too?

Roy said...

A shorter version of Dinah's feigned title: Sushi.

The latest titles thrown around are "Shrink Rap" and "My Three Shrinks." Anything with 'couch' in it is losing favor for having so little to do with what we do and being an anachronism.

HappyO: thank you for the vote of confidence.

Blue Steth Girl: glad to hear your med school is progressing well. I still have fond memories of medical school.

On NPR just this minute is mentioned this book, 'The Secret Life of the Human Brain'. So, how about 'The Secret Lives of Psychiatrists' ? Only thing is we don't really have secret lives, more like open secrets.

Look for the book in mid-2011.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to rumors, Mikey did not die from eating Pop Rocks & drinking Coke at the same time. Another urban myth debunked.

Glad to hear the book is getting there. I think your blog, though, is going to be more fun than the book.