Monday, April 12, 2010

My Three Shrinks Podcast 51: Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

For this podcast I brought some homemade vegan gingerbread cookies that I baked using a recipe from the Steph Davis blog. I'm also looking for a good sugar cookie recipe that doesn't use refined sugar or all-purpose flour. If you've got one, send it along.

We discuss my post Is it malpractice to lie? which involves a surgeon sued for malpractice for allegedly lying to a patient regarding his professional background. We wonder how much, if any, information physicians may some day be obliged to disclose to their patients prior to treatment.

There is a new type of research being done, called "in silica" research, in which people write computer programs to model behavior. We talked about computer models of suicide and how this can replicate suicide epidemics in real life. Roy is inspired to talk about a computer program that models how guys choose urinals in public restrooms, and how people stand in elevators.

We never got to the FAA policy discussion or the cell phones in therapy topic. That was saved for our next podcast.

Last but not least, Dinah takes her dog Max to the new office. Who knew that dogs could be terrified of elevators??


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Dinah said...

Wait, Dinah took her dog ONCE to the new office on a sunday (no patients), showing it to my mother-in-law. You make it sound like I do this regularly. Took.

Midwife with a Knife said...

My puppy Zoe is terrified of elevators. I've even tried hotdogs....

Sunny CA said...

I had a dog who was terrified of elevators, but also of stairs. I got her over the fear of stairs, but not the elevator fear.

Sarebear said...

So you don't talk about the energy healer thing? I'm bummed. Nah, not really, heh.

New shrinko is digging a pretty big hole for herself. For me, too, since I'm in it with her. Sucks.

Ah, well, such goes the sub-par psychiatric care around here, I guess.

Off to get my hair chopped in the morning before checking in for surgery around noon - Dang I wanted to be early on his schedule, not like 3rd or 4th. Who wants that? Here's hope I don't panic attack wheeling into surgery, remembering when I woke up twice during the last one (power tools chopping you up is not a pleasant memory).s

the receptionist at counseling and psychological services knows my name said...

I thought the part about informed consent regarding side effects was really interesting. As a patient getting a new prescription for Wellbutrin, I did have to sign a consent form. The pharmacist's main advice was "It might make you hungry", so I sat down to read the package insert. Turns out the patient information reads, "It is not intended as medical advice for individual patients."

Anonymous said...

This blog and the podcasts are fun; you should do a book. Oh, and my psychiatrist always has his dog in the office. He said he got it from the same breeder who sold Kevin Bacon his puppy!

Anonymous said...

I have a canine exercise and daytime companionship service on the upper West Side and I pick up at least 4 dogs from psychiatrists' offices each week. It seems many clients, specifically psychiatrists, are bringing their dogs to work. This is a relatively recent trend. I am familiar with Kevin Bacon's breeder, by the way. They're really excellent.