Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Music is Good Stuff...

Here's a story about a cardiologist who says music does good things for us....helps your heart, helps your mood, slows the aging process (really?). Roy likes music and he's young at heart. I like music, especially when I exercise--the boppy stuff that keeps me from falling asleep in my tracks. CNN's Val Wilmingham writes:
"If you didn't catch the white coat and the stethoscope, you might take Dr. Mike Miller for a middle-aged rocker, roaming the halls of the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

Playing or listening to music can create a feeling of well being, which affects the vascular system.

For years, Miller, a research cardiologist, has been studying the effects of happiness -- or things that make people happy -- on our hearts. He began his research with laughter, and found watching funny movies and laughing at them could actually open up blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate more freely.

Miller thought, if laughter can do that, why not music? So, he tested the effects of music on the cardiovascular system. "Turns out music may be one of the best de-stressors -- either by playing or even listening to music," said Miller.


Oh, so Dr. Miller's real claim to fame is that I'm Facebook (and real life, too) friends with his wife and she linked to this story, so here's my Shrink Rap plug!


Anonymous said...

I agree with that. I notice a huge difference in my workouts depending on my music. I am currently training for a 3.5 mile race (I'm not a runner. I love spin class, elipical trainer, etc. but running is pure torture.) I went for a jog after work yesterday and was feeling sluggish. A song that I really like with a good beat came on and I had a big burst of energy. I really picked up my pace and pushed myself to keep going. On my way home, I was thinking about my reaction to that song and decided that I really need to update my cardio mix this weekend.

tracy said...

Hee. In an interview with Dr. Gawande, he mentioned he has to tone down the type of music he plays in the OR, depending if there are any OR staff in the "Over 50" range. i heart him....but inching toward that age, i feel even older...!
i agree with Anon and the workout music! Rock on!