Monday, December 15, 2008

Here and After

One of the more---for lack of a better word-- "interesting" obituaries I've read: D. Carleton Gajdusek, a virologist who won the Nobel prize died. His obit in the New York Times details a life filled with adventure, discovery, and stomach-turning pedophilia. There's cannibalism and smeared human brains in the Amazon, 24-hour-a-day darkness near the Arctic Circle, prison time and sexual activity with children adopted in exotic places. Oh, and his biographer is a psychiatrist, so definitely worth a blog post.


And while we're on morbid topics, apparently you can now buy a coffin from Major League Baseball, complete with the team logo of your choice....Go Red Sox?

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FooFoo5 said...

The casket would lend credence to the argument for the return of "Take me out to the ballgame." Sorry. I believe we have been patriotic enough to finally restore the 7th-inning tradition, allowing Harry Caray finally rest in peace (though I understand his casket was the Budweiser model).