Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Podcast is Coming! A Podcast is Coming!

It's been months, literally.
We've done two that haven't been posted yet-- fortunately it's psychiatry and not the Dow Jones Industrial average, or gas prices, so they're not terribly time-sensitive. But Roy didn't want to put them up as if we'd just done them, so we made a new one this evening.
Clink had come from climbing.
Roy and I had been battling it out at Risk.
Stay tuned.....
[Edit: So it took a year :-(   Anyway, check out #48: Genital Retraction Syndrome. -Roy]


Anonymous said...

im here

Anonymous said...

You're not trying to pull a practical joke on us, are you???? That would be cruel and heartless. If you guys are going to really put it out, then.....yeah!!!!!!!!!! It's about time! The natives have been growing restless. Not that we haven't enjoyed all your posts over the last 5 1/2 months, but there is something about those podcasts that is so entertaining. I look forward to listening to it.