Thursday, March 13, 2008

All's Quiet On the Shrink Rap Front

There's In Treatment, which I'm actually enjoying a bit more lately, but aside from that, things are kind of quiet with Shrink Rappers. Roy had the flu, and he's taken on a zillion projects (How many Committees can one man be on? I don't know, but I'll call you when Roy finishes changing all the light bulbs), and he's falling behind with my To Do List. He'll get there, he always does, and just to keep you tuned in, we had a great pod casting session this past weekend where we were joined by Dr. Raymond DePaulo, the Chairman of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins and one of the country's best known experts on Mood Disorders. So, sometime in the next few weeks, look for two episodes of My Three Shrinks where Ray joins Roy and we all ramble about treatment-resistant depression and The New York Times, and oh, we talked and talked.

ClinkShrink has been busy in jail, got a bunch of job stuff going on, and her own committee stuff. I don't know why she's not blogging, but she's not.

Me: Well, I'm trying to catch up on Lost, stay up on In Treatment, Spring sports are starting for my kids, one of them has decided that I'm learning to play squash now, and as of 4 P.M. today, I'm happy to announce that I'm on VaCATIon!!! Plans are still being formed, but one thing I'll be doing is visiting a high school friend whom I haven't seen for years. ArniBeth (a high school nickname) and I e-mail several times a day, every day, and we've only seen each other once in the last ten years, so a short flight and I'll also get to meet her daughter, who is kind enough to be the same age as one of my little charmers.

Okay, so there's this one other little project we're trying to work on: getting some Shrink Rap and My Three Shrinks stuff together in a cohesive way to turn it into a book. We've mentioned it before, and on one of the podcasts Roy will ask for your input. We're getting there, at least in terms of a proposal, and yes, Anon, we know you think we should keep our day jobs. I keep nagging Roy and telling him the book will make him rich. I don't think he cares about fame, but who that we've got Eric our friend at CBS...and Dr. Phil...who knows?

It's lighter later and that's good, at least here in Maryland. Springtime mania hasn't yet begun. Winter depression is dissipating. I hope you are all well, and by all means comment on my non-post.


DK said...

Hey, Clink? Every now and then, when I call my mom and say, "I'm on the way home from the hospital", she freaks out and is like, "oh, no, what happened?!" In spite of the fact that I, you know, work there and spend 80 hours of every week in a hospital.

Does anyone ever respond in kind to "Hey, I'm just getting out of jail?"

imPRESsed1 said...

OK, so since it was a pretty generic post, I'm going to ask a question of you three that's pretty far off topic. Why do you think MAO inhibitors are so infrequently used in psychiatric practice today? Besides dietary/drug interactions, their safety profile is good. There are masses of studies showing efficacy. Why switch patients from one SSRI/TCA to another to another instead of trying a MAO inhibitor. Do you think MAOI's have a place as second line agents in certain circumstances?

Midwife with a Knife said...

This isn't really a real comment, other than to say, I hope roy gets better and that roy and clink enjoy their committee stuff. :)

Have a great vacation, Dinah.

Assrot said...

I wish everyone on that stupid "In Treatment" show would drop dead so this once great blog could return to its former glory.

Bah! I hate whiney shows.

jcat said...

Graham - (as a patient) I'd guess it's pretty much only the dietary restrictions, and the very unattractive consequences, like strokes. I've tried MAOIs a couple of times, and unless you are already a clean-living vegetarian, it's really hard to stick to the diet.

Anonymous said...

EEK, My new favorite show is "Dexter" I happen to really love murdering sociopaths who kill child killers, molesters and other even more undesirealbles than themselves. I guess this is why I have always loved Hannibal Lector.
So does this make me a closet sociopath? Maybe. I can't wait to see you Dr. Love abf

April said...

ooooo- a breakdown of Dexter would be great. I love that show, too.