Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Grand Rounds 2.45

This week's Grand Rounds is over at Inside Surgery. I found this post from a health care attorney who states that he's not aware of any lawsuits involving docs who blogged about a patient's situation. Only a matter of time, I suppose.


Dinah said...

Interesting. Since I'm the one who a) is not so anonymous-- (I have no desire to put my personal journal on the internet, oops, I don't have a personal journal) and b) who writes about my experiences with patients, I want to use your post as an opportunity to clarify that my patient scenarios are made up. The "patients" I discuss would not be recognizable to others (at all) and probably would not be recognizable to themselves. Demographic information is distorted, so for example, in the post where I went to an art opening of an artist patient: you can be sure there was no artist and no art opening. What is true is that I went to something public, perhaps a tennis tournament, a play, a rock band performanac, a swim meet, a book signing, a poetry reading. Something where the specifics are distorted but the take home message of my feelings, i.e. here is a setting that was a little uncomfortable for me and it turned out fine, was real. You can be certain that the patient who's chart I lost doesn't smoke pot (but may have some other addictive behavior) and didn't leave an old boyfriend (but maybe she left a husband, bought a new house, left an awful job, got rid of the rabid dog who was biting the neighbors, etc.). Oh, and I found the chart.

I guess it could be interesting if someone sues me that I didn't blog about because they thought it could have been him.

Never been sued, hoping to keep it that way, try to put most of my efforts into doing right by people and not into practicing or blogging defensively.

Dinah said...

P.S. to my last comment:
I do have a dog named Max. He does like meat and his friend (Tex) and running in and out of the house. We have not discussed confidentiality issues, but if he sues me, I never cook liver for him again.

NeoNurseChic said...
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