Sunday, November 06, 2016

You're Invited to Listen to Us Talk About Our New Book on NPR's Diane Rehm Show this coming Thursday

Guest Host: Indira Lakshmanan
Two psychiatrists explore the ongoing debate over involuntary treatment through first hand accounts of those hurt and helped by it.


  • Dinah Miller, MD psychiatrist in outpatient practice; instructor in psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.; co- author of "Committed: The Battle over Involuntary Psychiatric Care"
  • Annette Hanson, MD assistant professor of psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; director, University of Maryland forensic psychiatry program; co-author of "Committed: The Battle over Involuntary Psychiatric Care" 
Two things:
If you want to listen but don't have that time available, we'll post a link to the show afterwards.
We won't be talking about the presidential election.  

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