Monday, April 27, 2015

Involuntary Commitment and Suicide: Looking for Stories

As our regular readers know, we are working on a book called --at this moment in time-- Committed: The Battle Over Forced Psychiatric Care.  We're trying to focus on stories and as many people know, suicidal ideas and behaviors are one reason why people get committed.  I'm looking for one or two stories for our chapter about the experiences people have had with forced care and the spectrum of suicidality.  In particular, I'd like to hear from people who feel an involuntary admission helped them or a family member to get much needed treatment.  As always, however, I'll take what I can get.  Please feel free to comment below, or better, shoot me an email at shrinkrapblog at gmail dot com if you'd be willing to share your story in a book.  Obviously, we won't be using patient names or identifying information. 


Susan Inman said...
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J said...

Please note above comment which reads clearly:

[b][i]Below is my email address which I prefer you didn't publish. [/b][/i]

and amend the post. I hope you are more respectful of your patients' confidential thoughts and information.

Dinah said...

J -- I am so sorry. I look at the comments quickly to make sure there is nothing inappropriate and I hit 'publish' -- I did not read your entire comment and did not see that you wanted your email address removed. I can't actually easily edit the comments and so I put our email address (or I hope I did) for anyone who wanted to email us rather than post.

Please accept my apology and I took the comment with your info down. .

Sideways Shrink said...

There is recent movement in Washington State to make it easier for family members to "get" a mentally ill person involuntarily committed.
Are you following this? Do you know where I can get more information about this? I practice in Washington state and can't seem to get the latest information about this.