Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tweet Tweet

You may have noticed that I don't write on Shrink Rap as often as I used to.  Somewhere in there, I got busy with our book, and I also started to use Twitter more.   Instead of a real post, I thought I would put up a sample of things I've been Tweeting.


Anonymous said...

The therapist in that last link should be ashamed of himself and have his license revoked. He is encouraging her to behave that way. He plays the daddy, and she is the helpless child.

The first psychiatrist I ever met (a grand total of once) took that tone with me that an adult sometimes takes with a small child, that kind of higher pitched voice that they use. It creeped me the hell out. Later when I was in graduate school I met someone who had worked with the psychiatrist, and I asked her her opinion of him. She rolled her eyes and said he liked to diagnosis all his female patients with DID. It didn't surprise me, because I got the distinct impression that he wanted me to play little girl so he could play be dad. Gross.

Thank god neither my therapist or psychiatrist behave that way. What that therapist is doing is seriously messed up. He's keeping the patient completely dependent on him.


Anonymous said...

Link to Boring Old Man Blog Entry regarding NY Times article:

Folks might want to read this before reading the NY Times article so they can see the research mentioned in it is based on tainted evidence. Shame on Dr. Friedman for not being a good fact checker.


Joel Hassman, MD said...

Twitter, why am I not surprised.

Careful what you condense into just 140 characters, it might reinforce that stability in mood or thought struggles might be simply treated with a medication.

Wow, this quick fix philosophy is so prevalent, it is astounding, no, it is astonishing, no, it is absurd that so many flock to this kind of conversation without hesitation or wariness.

But, Twitter as a term fits perfectly for me. I'll leave readers to read between the lines to why I say that.

Hope all those Tweets instantly improve the lives of all the followers. Careful what you believe in though, folks.

Case in point with all those false memory patients sucked into the morass of what was allegedly behind DID and PTSD. Didn't pan out so well for those "providers" who sold that paradigm for what, at least a couple of years if not more. Kind of scary how that was shown to be such a fraud! Could you imagine what Twitter would have done if those providers had that medium access?!

Just my opinion.

Joel Hassman, MD

Lou said...

Hmm, so you are a "link twitterer?"