Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Jawbone's Connected to the ....

It's half-time and the Ravens are beating the Steelers by one point.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you about my latest obsession.

      I spoke to Clink this morning.  I happened to mention that I was frustrated: among other things, my  Jawbone wasn't registering right; I'd have to reload.  Now Clink and Roy run circles around me when it comes to technology, but here, I had Clink. 
    "This is something technologic, right?  It's not a medical emergency?"  
    She may have offered to send an ambulance (or maybe I'm just making that up because it sounds good), but no, my choppers are fine and there's no problem at all with ingestion.  

So, followed by a few too many cookies over the holidays.  And some bagels, pizza, holiday meals, and too much everything, on New Year's Eve, I went to the store and bought a fitness tracker.  I got the Up Move, by Jawbone.  I don't even know what that means, or why someone would call a company Jawbone --it sounds very unfriendly and very aggressive -- but it was the cheapest one and it got decent reviews, and I figured less was probably better.  I want some inspiration to move more and eat less, and I don't care what my heart rate is when I'm swimming without Bluetooth.

    It says I should take 10,000 steps a day.  I'm trying.  It's a lot of steps.  I've done it 3 days in a row, and I'm definitely moving more -- it seems to take about 1 hour and 40 minutes of purposeful, non-strenuous motion.  The dog is very happy -- he loves walks.  We've done four trips around the block just to try to add steps.  The trick is that this is over the holiday week and I'm not working.  When life returns to normal on Monday, all bets are off, and I'll settle for moving a little more and eating a little less, without having to push for 10,000 each day.  For the moment, however, I'm enjoying my latest obsession.  No ambulance necessary.

Above: Kobe relaxing after 7,823 steps.  Can you guess which team he's rooting for?



ClinkShrink said...

¿Por qué tu perro púrpura?

Anonymous said...

I love my Fitbit! Gets me up and moving. My dog also benefits but she wears a Seahawks coat.

I recommend pedometers -- simple and fancy to many of my patients (helps overall health and mental health).

Good luck!

Dinah said...

Mi perro llave morado por el Ravens. Mi perro quiere carne.

No roboto.

Anonymous said...

My doctor told me to get a fitbit, and it's helped me tremendously. My sister joined with me, so we give each other little friendly ribbing when we are ahead.

I found that if I walk one mile two times a day, then I can get the rest of the 10,000 steps in just my day to day normal walking around.

Never heard of jawbone. Is it similar to the fitbit?


Anonymous said...

But, I also read a thing about fitbit & privacy issues so it has made me a little anxious to think about what is happening to my private information that is being collected. I don't know how I feel about that.


jesse said...

10,000 steps for Dinah might be 40,000 steps for a little dog like Kobe. That many steps defy belief. Totally insane number for a little already thin dog.

Dinah said...

P-K: yes a Jawbone is like a fidbit, another type of activity tracker.

Jesse: I think you're right about Kobe and the steps he takes. He leads an exhausting life.

I am still not a robot.

ClinkShrink said...

Happy National Bird day. One of my pics was featured on Twitter by the California Audabon Society. Hashtag #WorstBirdPic

Jawbone Move said...

I got the Up Move, by Jawbone. I don't even know what that means, or why someone would call a company Jawbone --it sounds very unfriendly ...