Sunday, December 29, 2013

Psychiatry Articles on the Web

There have been a number of articles I've wanted to mention lately.

In the New York Times:
When the Right To Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill

In the Wall Street Journal, set in our own Maryland:
For the Mentally Ill, Finding Care Grows Harder


Representative Tim Murphy Instroduces Mental Health Legislation

From the StarTribune:

Minnesota Security Hospital: Staff in Crisis Spreads Turmoil

In Atlantic Monthly, a poignant story about one man's battle with anxiety:

Surviving Anxiety

And finally, on Salon, it's from nearly two years ago, but I ran across Linda Gray Sexton's account of being suicidal and found it to be moving:

In the shadow of my mother's suicide

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Anonymous said...

"For the mentally ill, finding care grows harder" so the response to this in Maryland (and other states) is AOT. Yeah, that makes sense.