Sunday, September 16, 2012

Other Shrink Blogs

I've stumbled upon two Shrink Blogs I'd like to share.  While there are plenty of medical blogs, there still are not all that many are about psychiatry.  A handful, but they come and go, and given the number of psychiatrists, it still seems small to me.

Dr. Greg Smith blogs here:
He also has a twitter feed.
I'll let you check it out.

Dr. Jordan Smoller has a blog over on Psychology Today .  I stumbled across his blog today and thought, wait, I know him.  Dr. Smoller's blog is called "The Other Side of Normal" which is the same name as a book he wrote.  Funny how that works.  In one of his posts, he starts by talking about his first real job as a research assistant in 1983.  That lab had another research assistant: me.  So Jordan is stuck in my mind as we were as back then.  He introduced me to rap, a form of music I had never heard of.  Jordan would walk around our shared office mumbling something about a blind dog and a seeing eyed man.   Anyway, I suppose we all grow up, and in some strange bid for universal balance, I eventually had a child who spent years walking around my house rapping, and I became the Shrink Rapper while he became the "normal" guy.  Go figure. 

Check out their blogs and tell me what you think.

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