Sunday, September 23, 2012

HealthCamp-Kansas City

Awesome "unconference" here today in Kansas City. Read all the tweets here.

Topics include:

  • empowering the next step
  • breaking boundaries
  • empowering 100M people who live with chronic pain
  • psychiatric survivors
  • finding price transparency
  • ideas for Partnership For/With Patients
  • patient voice to make clinical trials better
  • dying At and In peace
  • standards of care open to patients empower
  • patient advocacy, training, & certification
  • respect for patients at the table
At the beginning of the meeting, @ekivemark asked us to use three words to describe our passion. Here is the Wordle of the responses below.

Great people. Great discussions and brainstorming. 

One example: Check out Pat Mastors' site about the Patient Pod, which is in inexpensive tool for patients to attach to their hospital bed that serves as a message board, hand sanitizer, and place to keep your phone, glasses, etc, so they don't get dirty or lost. She has a Medstartr project (it's like Kickstarter) that will allow her to get these made and used. After losing her father to a hospital-acquired infection, she became an amazing evangelist fighting to stamp out hospital-acquired infections... thus the Patient Pod. Please consider going to Medstartr to invest in her.

Another is Erin Gilmer, an incredibly smart attorney specializing in HIPAA audits and HITECH consulting. She led an honest discussion about the barriers we place on ourselves, challenging us (and herself!) to break those artificial barriers. If you have questions about this area, her email is erinATgilmerhealthlawDOTcom.

Thanks, Mark & Maumi!


Dinah said...

Sounds like you're having fun! What are the highlights?
You're coming home for our podcast tomorrow, right?

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