Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shrink Rap and Guest Posts

We get a number of unsolicited emails every week from people offering to write guest posts for us.  They would like us to put their tag line on their posts, often links to websites having to do with getting online degrees or dental equipment or what have you.  The same sources often query us repeatedly.

This is just to make our policy on guests posts known: Shrink Rap does not accept guests posts from unsolicited sources.  Our guest posts are either written by people we have asked to contribute, or we've seen something that has been written for another venue and we ask for permission to reprint it here. 


Sunny CA said...

It is nice that you have more integrity than many researchers who test pharmaceuticals.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how much better it would be if you offered snoring solutions.It would save so many marriages.

Maggie said...

Dinah: Somehow I'm not thinking that spammers are going to stop spamming just because you announce that you'd appreciate it if they'd quit offering. They can't really think that you want some fake online school to post to your blog, can they? It's spam.

Anon: LOL
Yea, the ones that are really annoying are the utterly meaningless generic comments posted with "names" that are actually commercial links. Must be automating everything but the capchas.

Maggie said...

BTW, please do follow up if the offers do stop! If a "please don't spam me or my blog" post actually has a (positive) effect, I'll have to write one of my own!

Dinah said...

No requests since this went up.