Friday, March 30, 2012

Help Me Spend the Big Bucks.

I bought my first ever lottery ticket today.  Okay, I bought 20.  I wanted a real chance.  The Jackpot is $640 million.  That's a lot of money!  I had to go to two places: the first store was sold out, and the second was a convenience store with a long line and a clerk asking if anyone wanted anything besides lottery tickets.

Okay, when I win, how should I spend my big bucks?


jesse said...

Become an investor with Atlantic Trust.

Anonymous said...


That has to pass through compliance. Even then, there are better ways to spend that kind of dough. Take a long vacation.

Liz said...

that would be REALLY cool! you definitely have to let us know :-). i think all blog readers should be paid by the previous post!

Sarebear said...

pay for me to have as much mental health care as I need? (said jokingly!) Cause you'd get relatives of all degrees of separation and strangers and maybe blogfriends (not me lol) asking for money!

hubby and i discussed if we ever won (not that utah does it but idaho is 2.7 hours away or so) some things like hiring a variety of professionals to handle certain stuff. tax attorney, good accountant, trust and will attorney, somebody to field all the charity (both real and scam) that will solicit you, insurance people (if you're gonna buy some diamonds and other stuff, need better ins), security for your house, or new house, all sorts of stuff.

probably some kind of press agent for half a year or more to field press interview requests and that stuff.

oh, our church is against gambling so they won't accept tithing from such monies, we'd take what would have been tithing and fund a bunch of really good things, from autism research etc to the local nationally known children's hospital, etc.

how come the stupid slow laptop will let me comment and my computer won't.

Anonymous said...

hey the winning ticket was sold in baltimore county, maryland..... is there something you have to tell us???

Sarebear said...

yes, do tell, hee hee!

Sunny CA said...

I think if I won, I'd have my house gutted or semi-demolished and a new or renovated house built in its place, then have the yard redone with local species of plants. I'd buy a sportscar and an electric car. I'd have solar panels added to the house sufficient to power the house plus power a couple of electric cars. I'd retire. I'd hire a cook to shop-for and prepare healthy meals that would be perfectly designed to help me lose weight. I would hire a personal trainer or go regularly for personal Pilates instruction. I'd get a Golden Retriever puppy and hire somebody to help me train him/her and somebody to clean up doggie pee and poo if the puppy did not make it outside in time, but then I'd have designed my newly redone house with easy to clean flooring. I'd get massages a few times a week or daily, and the person would come to my home so I would not need to have to get up and go home after a massage. I would hire a terrific doggie sitter to stay with and take care of my dogs when I travel. I'd go on safari in Africa and also hike up to see the highland gorillas. I'd go to Iceland and see the columnar basalt, and all the other volcanic features and spectacular scenery that country holds. I'd go to Australia where I would ride in a glass-bottom boat near the Great Barrier Reef, go to Ayres Rock, then spend some time on a ranch in Western Australia and experience getting to know some kangaroos. I'd go see the Komodo dragons in Indonesia and the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands. I would return to Germany in winter for their Christkindlemarts and in summer for hiking the Alps. I would climb Kilamanjaro.

I have decided to retire starting June 9th, and of the above, I will do the most important. I will do some of the trips. I will do the diet-cooking myself and the exercising I will manage myself or with the help of group classes. I will do day hiking with Sierra Club. I will get out a paintbrush and paint some rooms. I will get that Golden Retriever puppy and train and clean up after him myself. I plan to get a hunting-line of Golden Retriever and then will train him to compete for his "Junior Hunter" and "Hunter". If I get think enough and he has the aptitude, I think it would be fun to do agility competition, too.