Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pull & Pray - zDoggMD's Safe Sex Song

ZDoggMD's rapping video about safe sex is a beautiful example of how to grab the attention of your target audience using a medium and tone that they can get down with.

While you are on ZDogg's site, check out their first News Per Rectum podcast, Potty Mouth (punchline: "I gave a crap today"), about fecal transplants for pre-diabetes. Coincidentally, our first podcast also had the word "potty" in it (Podcasting Makes You Potty).

So, I gotta say... these guys are hilarious. Educational (sometimes marginally so) while being thoroughly entertaining and mildly offensive. Their production value is quite good, as well.

That being said, I don't expect us to follow in their vlogging footsteps.  But keep an eye on these guys.


Sunny CA said...

Very funny! Thanks for finding and posting it.

Dinah said...

You just didn't want me to be the funnier one.

ZDoggMD said...

Wow, what an honor to be mentioned on such a cool and otherwise respectable blog (with or without bacon)! Roy, you pretty much have us nailed, especially the "mildly offensive" and sometimes "marginally educational" parts -- we really couldn't have put it better ourselves. Wanna make a guest appearance? The only prerequisite is an ability to breakdance (it's a big hole in our portfolio).

Thanks again, look forward to enjoying your blog and podcasts regularly!