Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Prize

Okay, you know that Max and I have coffee every morning with our favorite judge in hair curlers. I may have neglected to mention that we are often joined by Carol and her dog, Prize, and sometimes even Maria and her dog, Nelly. From 8 to 8:30 am, I host a dog party, a big dog party, a little dog party, good dogs, bad dogs, happy dogs, sad dogs.

This morning, in honor of the holiday season, Prize arrived all decked out. I kid you not. Max would never tolerate such a costume, but Prize didn't mind and Carol came bearing gifts, so all the more fun.

I'm not sure Shrink Rap or My Three Shrinks will look like over the next few days. Hoping to be off somewhere warm sometime soon, and Clink has gone skiing. Roy, perhaps can be counted on to put up the last of our podcasts (not the last ever, just the last one we did), a new & improved one with the new mics and firewire mixer.

I feel like we need a new sidebar poll, and I'm tired of meds, so I'll try something else. The question is for you, whether you're a shrink, a patient, or anyone else.

From all of the Shrink Rappers:
Happy Holidays!


Rach said...

hi Dinah... Happy holidays to you Shrink Rappers too! The question on the poll is a little hard to read, but is great nonetheless! I'm heading out of town soon, so I look forward to reading all of your posts when I'm back!

Dr. A said...

Happy Holidays!

FooFoo5 said...

Wow. I thought you were going to say that was the judge. She would need a bucket of hair rollers. I contend that 99 of 100 times that people speak about the "emotions" animals experience (e.g. happy to see me, or sad they can't go in the car) they confuse "herd behaviour" - what animals would do among themselves naturally without us - and anthropomorphic ascription. In my view, however, animals can feel embarrassment. Number one reason for our 4-legged friends feeling humiliated? Survey says: dressin' up for the holidays! (hee-hee)

Gerbil said...

Happy Holidays!

I thought at first that the picture was of Max... but I suppose he would not submit himself to such indignity :)

jcat said...

Happy holidays to all of you. Discovering Shrink Rap has been one of the nicest things about the past year....hope for lots more of it next year.

NeoNurseChic said...

Hope all 3 of you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years! I gave my psychiatrist a card yesterday, and even though I really dont' know if he celebrates Christmas or not, the card had penguins on it and said to have a happy holiday season. So I figured I was safe. First I asked Jason if he thought the card was appropriate, and he did - and then after I wrote my message, I again handed it to Jason to read over, and he thought it was fine. The psychiatrist smiled and thanked me - he truly did look like the card made him happy. I had written a note of thanks and said how much he has helped me the past few years and how much our work has meant to me.

When I left the office, I said, "Have a!" I almost said have a good Christmas, but then I wasn't sure if he celebrates or not - such a PC world we live in!

Anyway - happy holidays to all of you! Thanks for sharing your lives with us through the blog!

Take care,
Carrie :)

Rach said...

Carrie raises an interesting point (i'm sure you three are groaning right about now... "ugh, we have to think! we have to respond!")... but in all seriousness, I often want to write my shrink a note of thanks... but I never know whether it's appropriate in terms of the therapeutic relationship.

HP said...

Happy holidays to the Shrink Rappers. Love that dog.

jcat said...

Am I hallucinating? Could have sworn that there was a post after this one, one that Dinah copied from last year.....

Think I'm going to have to break out the cooking sherry or something!

Midwife with a Knife said...

Happy Holidays, Shrink Rappers!

Your "Christmas Prize" Inspired me to um.. have some holiday fun (well, fun for me, anyway... ;) ) with the kitties.

Cats are like kids, you gotta annoy them just enough!