Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lecturing Shrinks

The Girl with the Blue Stethoscope has a post today (Why Is It So?) about how psychiatrists are the most interesting lecturers. She has great tastes, huh?
...I have noticed that psychiatrists as a group tend to give the most interesting and engaging lectures of all. Their voices are very natural and conversational in tone even as they lecture on academic topics, their communication skills are excellent, they look relaxed, and of course, they tend to have fantastic (yet anonymous) anecdotes.

I have noticed that medical students as a group tend to have the most insightful blog posts :-)


Sarebear said...


The Girl said...

Thanks for the mention.

When you are a captive audience, it is refreshing to actually enjoy the lecture, AND find it interesting. Yet, there is something slightly wrong about finding learning fun. ;)

yay said...

Before we had our three weeks of psych tacked on the end of neurology (don't worry, we get back to psych in fourth year), we'd had lectures from four psychiatrists during various other topics. The first three of them were absolutely insane. Well, the third one started out by challenging another lecturer who wanted the lecture theatre to a sword fight... then stopped halfway through the lecture for a theatrical interlude (he'd brought the script for a Shakespeare snippet and made some students act it out)...

It was quite a relief to finally have a lecture from a psychiatrist who seemed fairly normal. Then we had three weeks of fairly sane psychiatrist lectures.

But I will grant the three mad ones this - they were certainly not boring!

jcat said... p-doc gives me a brief lecture almost every week!

And I still adore him :-)) !!