Friday, September 08, 2006

Rabbits 1, Tigers 0

Talk about timing. Just when we were feeling vulnerable about our safety and comments were getting a bit fatalistic, I see this little item on CNN: Nurse, 51, kills intruder with bare hands. I don't usually repost wire service stories since I figure most people will see it anyway, but this was just too relevant to pass up. The part that I liked was the neighbor's quote at the very end:

"You didn't need to calm her. She's an emergency room nurse. She's used to dealing with crisis."


Dr. A said...

Note to self: I should not mess with ER nurses.

Sarebear said...

Holy crap!

The Locum said...

That's fantastic!

I already knew you don't mess with ER/A&E nurses.

Sarebear said...

Turns out the man was hired by her ex or soon to be ex husband, to kill her.