Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A New Diagnosis??

Clinkshrink warns of the dangers of caffeine intoxication, a DSM-validified diagnosis, which we may or may not try to use in our insanity defense pleas and our quest for equal access. The issue of determining where normal behavior (--hmmm, that cup of coffee I just injected was okay, right?) bleeds into symptomatology is the psychiatrist's challenge.

Adam Christian wrote yesterday in Slate on Blogoholism: Testimonials on a 21st Century Ailment about how blogging destroys the life of a writer. It leaves me to ask a few questions:

Is the next Disorder and what exactly will the diagnostic criteria consist of?

Can I use it for my insanity defense: Judge, it wasn't a crime of neglect, the children starved to death because I was blogging.

Can I ask for special accomodations at work: I must be provided with a laptop and given time to blog, even during patient sessions (No Mr. Smith, I'm not blogging about you!).

When do the drug companies come on board? [Roy, this is your cue to come up with those cute names for the anti-blogging meds].

Okay, enough, I need another cup of coffee.....

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