Thursday, February 11, 2016

Interview with Touched With Fire Director Paul Dalio

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a screening I went to for the film Touched With Fire. 

 Last week, I had the chance to interview the film's director, Paul Dalio.  My article about the interview is over on Clinical Psychiatry News, so please click over there to read about this remarkable man and his new movie.


tracy said...

What about those "real" forks left with the "inmates"

that makes no sense as one who has been there

tracy said...

This blog is a real farce if you don't answer the question.....?

Dinah said...

Ah, Tracey--I don't recall if hospitals where I have worked have left inpatients with access to forks (steak knives, no, but no worries, none had steak worth eating). This was a movie, many of the things in it were not true-to-life for the sake of artistic production. Mr. Dalio had spent his share of time in hospitals, both as a voluntary patient, and as an involuntary "inmate," and I'm thinking many things here were not factual.

Finally, Shrink Rap is not a farce.

74564hghhj said...
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