Sunday, April 20, 2014

Interesting reading around the web

Happy Easter!  ClinkShrink has become obsessed with photographing birds, and I've suggested that for today, she give us a rabbit or two.

First, I'll send you to Clinical Psychiatry News where Clink discusses the latest report from the Treatment Advocacy Center on how there are 10 times more people with mental illness in jails than in psychiatric hospitals.  See Report suggests reform for mentally ill in prison.

Next, I'll send you to the New York Times for a very thoughtful article on the use of antidepressants.  See Doris Irovici's article on The Antidepressant Generation.

Then I'm going to send you to Pete Earley's blog where he talks about the split in support on the Murphy Bill in Congress, HR 3717 which both increases resources for community mental health centers and increases reliance on involuntary treatments. 

Finally, I'm going to lead you to a post from one of my Twitter followers, "Sectioned @ mental health" who writes a touching post on things learned about the civil commitment process in the UK, the hard way.  See Unexpected Knowledge-- things I've learned since being sectioned. 

Thanks for reading!

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