Thursday, May 16, 2013

Changes Keep Coming and Dinah is Grumpy

For today's blog post, I whine over on Clinical Psychiatry News, and whining it is.


Joel Hassman, MD said...

First, I could not link with the title at your post here, so see if that is a glitch on your end, doubt mine but one never knows with state computers.

Second, you are right, healthy change should be incremental, and it isn't because, frankly, (and doubt surprising for you to read it from me Mr Optimist and Hopeful with Psychiatric issues) I think the powers behind these changes are either profoundly clueless as the changes don't affect the implementers, or it is intended to disrupt and minimize care options, at least with CPT and EMR. DSM, well, I've commented previously and have nothing new to say.

Another frankly here, where are people really seeing PPACA taking psychiatry when the system AS IS has so much bureaucracy and intrusions, authorizations for psychiatry even moreso than what is seen in other professions as example A?

I think psychiatry as a group really needs to step back and ignore the hierarchy from APA and Academia for a moment and really ponder if PPACA will help or hurt psychiatry first, mental health as a whole second, and medicine as a whole third. Being a jew, watching how denial and rationalization can be so damaging to a group, and I am NOT calling PPACA a Nazi intrusion, but, there are elements of how government dumbs down society to a point where people really lose perspective of what is basic right versus wrong.

By the way, per your post about the 1boringoldman post and your dislike for politics, guess you don't visit my site much if at all. Yeah, I take on politics, because it is part of our society, and there is much pathology going on there that needs at least spotlighted.

Just my opinion, hope people can access your column easier.

Dinah said...

Thank you, Joel, I fixed the link.

I do look at your blog but our politics are not the same.

Sarebear said...

I've been thinking for awhile that all this stuff must be a PITA. Whine on if you like.

I whined today too at my blog

and oh, I think uterus biopsies are sadistic. Do that to an animal w/no anesthetic or local and you'd be accused of animal cruelty. It still hurts, I've been icing it all night. The brownies helped. I think I've earned a bit of whining, too, lol. OW.