Sunday, August 23, 2009

Covered or Not?

Here's an article about a private health insurer and how they dealt with an out-of-network referral. I'm still trying to figure out how you know what you're getting with health insurance. Some of it sounds like the coverage is great, but when a patient needs a service or goes to get a medicine, it's not covered. The one good thing about HMO's is that there is no pretense: you know you're not getting out-of-network care, you know the formularies are limited. This is from the wife of a cancer patient and the struggles they had getting the care:


Anonymous said...

the link is not working......can you provide me some other link... and according to now people are much more aware of health insurance policy..... infact now each and every person get themselfs insured....


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Child Psych said...

Great article--thanks for sharing it. Here's a satiric essay someone sent me on keeping government out of the relationship between doctor and patient (& insurance company, etc. etc.) Enjoy!